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Community Partners...Better Together


Taylormade seeks to develop positive relationships with other organizations in the community. We truly believe that we are better together.


Joining forces with others simply helps us to provide a more collaborative approach to mental health and provide resources to our clients to help them holistically. If you believe your organization could collaborate with ours in a positive way, please feel free to send an email to our founder at

 Non Profit
The Non Profit side of Taylormade Counseling is dedicated to raising money to assist individuals and families who are unable to traditionally pay for services. They are dedicated to mitigating circumstances that prevent people from getting the mental health help that they need. For more info on how to become a recipient of these funds please fill out the contact us form requesting info.
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F.L.Y Girls Inc.

Founded in 2012 as First Loving Yourself (F.L.Y. Girls) has been dedicated to ensuring that girls ages 10-17 develop physically, mentally, emotionally by laying a solid foundation through focusing their development on a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit .F.L.Y. First Loving Yourself Inc. is a 501( c ) 3 non-profit organization dedicated and organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes.

For more info contact them at:

The Help Show
The Help Show is a podcast dedicated to connecting individuals to mental health community resources. The podcast was started by Dallas, Texas Native, NiEtta Reynolds following tragedy the death of a dear friend. The help show seeks to change the perception and visible stigma associated with mental health, address barriers to access mental health resources, bring light to under-served and disparities that some face when attempting to access mental health resources, spread awareness on how to access mental health resources in your community and encourage those with mental health diseases to seek help.
For more info visit:
A Brighter Destiny

Since 2015, A Brighter Destiny Family & Children Services, LLC has been committed to bringing support, hope and healing to those facing significant life challenges. Our methods have developed over the years, and with increasing resources, support and growing community awareness, we are able to change the lives those facing social and emotional hardships for the better. 

For more info visit: 

Psychiatric Services

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