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Welcome To Taylormade Counseling Services!

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FAITH that you can overcome any obstacle.HOPE beyond today that will give you confidence for your future.HEALING from the pains of the past that seek to destroy your peace.

Taylormade has made the
difference between success and ​failure,
understanding and ​confusion, hope, and despair,
for our family.



- Mercedes Woodson

Articles & Resources
Pride & Joy
A Guide To Understanding Your Child's Emotions And Solving Family Problems
How To Heal After Upsets
Effectively Dealing With Past Upsets And Turning
Curses Into Blessings.
Want To Be Happy?
Handing Your Anger In A Positive Way.
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We Are committed to serving teens, adults, and couples.

All services are designed to provide the client with the best experience possible and get them back on the road to having positive mental health. Please fill out this five mini form to inquire.

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At Taylormade

Counseling Services

Our mission is to promote faith, hope, and healing through individual, couples, and group psychotherapy practices. Our goal is to provide counseling and case management support so that persons may come to appreciate the uniqueness of their personalities and discover new ways to develop their potential through the therapeutic process.


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